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NO. Name Company name location TEL Remarks
01 Mikizo Amano Departures, Inc. 464-0074 Nagoya City Chikusa-ku Nakada 2-chome 17-21 052-759-5844
02 Keisuke Awazu BelAir Corporation 461-0022 Nagoya City Higashi Odori Town 29-11 Kyoei Building 5A 052-930-6255 Representative Director
03 Masashi Anraku Pleasure plan limited company 453-0804 Nagoya-shi Nakamura-ku Golden Tri 3 – chome 27-1 052-483-1770 Director
04 Kazuaki Inoue Inoue Shokai Co., Ltd. 460-0012 15-15 Chiyoda 1 – chome, Naka – ku Nagoya City 052-262-4767 Director
05 Eiichiro Kojima Ryootaro Kojima Co., Ltd. 457-0022 214 – 3 Mei – machi, Minami – ku Nagoya – shi 052-881-6496 Director
06 Akira Saiga Oasis administrative scrivener office 461-0005 Nagoya City Higashi-ku Higashi Sakura 2 – chome 12-29 Okumura Building 201 052-931-6228 Director
07 Makoto Tsuzuki N.K. limited company 454-0013 Nagoya City Nakagawa-ku Yakuma 3-chome 8-15 052-322-6110 Director
08 Hiromi Nishiwaki Mary Connect 466-0855 Nagoya City 3-chome Kawamamoto cho Showa ku 60 052-752-6089 Director
09 YOU JEMAN J&K TOTAL SERVICE Co,.LTD 460-0003 Nagoya City Nishikushi 1 – chome 7 – 39 Nishiki MI Building 5 F 052-218-7123 Director
10 Jin Yokoyama J Town Co., Ltd. 452-0821 Nagoya City Nishi-ku Uenochidai 1 – chome 3-1 Green Park Building 4F 052-506-7700 Director
11 Masanari Yoshioka Yoshix Corporation 461-0023 502 Tokugawa-machi, Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi 052-932-8431 Director
12 LEE Malryong Glass Studio Baltic 489-0042 Seto-shi Nakadate-cho 3 0561-42-6604



Aichi Inbound Association Articles of Association


Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 This corporation shall be referred to as the Aichi Inbound Association of the General Association
(The office)
Article 2 This corporation puts its principal office in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture.

Chapter 2 Purpose and Business
(the purpose)
Article 3 The corporation shares information on individuals who have expertise and engaged in specific businesses and members of corporations, thereby improving the efficiency of members’ work and promoting active use of member facilities, We aim to attract travelers from foreign countries and promote tourism related industries such as promoting improvement of tourism quality through collaboration with the country, prefecture, municipalities, etc., including making recommendations to tourism administration.
Article 4 This corporation conducts the following business in order to contribute to the purpose of the preceding article.
1 Research on regional tourism resources
2 Collection and transmission of regional tourist information
3 Survey research on tourism facilities management and facilities
4 Promotion of improvement of facilities and services of tourist facilities
5 Business promoting tourism promotion
6 Business that contributes to revitalization of regional economy
7 All operations incidental to the preceding items

Chapter 3 Employees
(A member of a corporation)
Article 5 This corporation shall be composed of persons or organizations that agree with the purpose of this corporation and those who have become employees of this corporation pursuant to the provisions of the following Article.
(Acquisition of employee qualifications)
Article 6 Any person who intends to become an employee of this juridical person shall apply for it separately and receive approval from the representative director.
(Burden of expenses)
Article 7 Employees are obliged to pay separately at the general meeting of employees when employees become employees and every month in order to devote themselves to expenses that are normally incurred in the business activities of this corporation.
(Arbitrary departure)
Article 8 Employees can leave voluntarily at any time by submitting a separately determined notice of departure.
Article 9 When an employee falls under any of the following, the employee may be expelled by resolution of the general meeting of employees.
(I) When it violates these articles of incorporation and other rules.
(Ii) When he / she hurts the honor of this juridical person or acts contrary to the purpose.
(Iii) When there are justifiable grounds to be excluded.
(Loss of employee qualifications)
Article 10 In addition to the case of the preceding two Articles, employees shall lose their qualifications when they fall under any of the following.
(I) When the payment obligation of Article 7 has not been fulfilled for more than half a year.
(Ii) When all the employees agree.
(Iii) When the said employee dies or is dissolved.

Chapter 4 General Meeting of Employees
Article 11 The General Meeting of Employees shall consist of all employees.
Article 12 The General Meeting of Employees shall resolve the following matters.
Exclusion of one employee
(Ii) Election or dismissal of directors
(Iii) Amount of remuneration etc. of directors
Iv Approval of calculation documents
(V) Change in the articles of incorporation
6. Dismissal and disposition of residual assets
(Vii) Other matters stipulated by laws or the articles of incorporation as resolved at the general meeting of employees
Article 13 The General Meeting of Employees shall hold a regular annual general meeting of employees within three months after the end of each business year and hold it when necessary.
Article 14 The representative director shall convene a general meeting of members unless otherwise stipulated by laws and ordinances.
Article 15 Employees who have one-tenth or more of the voting rights of all employees shall request the representative director to convene a general meeting of employees, indicating the purpose of the general meeting of the employees and the reason for the convocation You can do.
Article 16 The chairperson of the General Meeting of Employees shall be elected from among the employees at the General Meeting of Employees.
(Voting Rights)
Article 17 The number of voting rights at the General Meeting of Employees shall be one per employee. However, an employee concurrently serving as a representative director has three voting rights.
Article 18 Resolution of the General Meeting of Employees shall be made with a majority of the votes of the employees present who attended by a majority of the voting rights of all employees, unless otherwise stipulated in laws and regulations or the articles of incorporation.
2 Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the next resolution shall be more than half of the total number of employees and will be carried out with a large number of more than two-thirds of the voting rights of all employees.
Exclusion of one employee
Changes to the articles of incorporation
Three dissolution
(Iv) Other matters stipulated by laws and regulations
Article 19 With regard to the proceedings of the General Meeting of Shareholders, prepare a minutes minutes pursuant to the provisions of laws and ordinances.
2 The chairperson and the director who attended shall be affixed and sealed in the minutes of the preceding paragraph.

Chapter 5 Officers
(Establishment of Officers)
Article 20 Within this corporation, one or more 15 directors shall be placed.
2 One of the directors shall be the representative director.
3 One of the directors other than the representative director shall be the executive director.
(Election of officers)
Article 21 Directors shall be elected by resolution of the general meeting of employees.
2. The representative director shall be elected from among the directors by mutual election of the directors.
(Duties and authority of directors)
Article 22 Executive Directors shall perform duties in accordance with laws and regulations and the articles of incorporation.
2. The Representative Director shall represent this corporation and enforce its business pursuant to laws and ordinances and this Articles of Incorporation, and the Executive Director shall share the business of this corporation separately, as provided separately.
(Term of office of officers)
Article 23 The term of office of a director shall be until the conclusion of the regular meeting of employees regarding the last business year ending within two years after election.
2 The term of office of a director appointed as a substitute shall be until the expiration of the term of office of the predecessor.
(3) When the director is short of the constants specified in Article 20, even after retiring due to the expiration of term of office or resignation, the director has the rights and obligations as a director until the newly appointed person takes office.
(Dismissal of Officers)
Article 24 A director may be dismissed by resolution of a general meeting of employees.

Chapter 6 Assets and Accounting
(Business year)
Article 25 The business year of this corporation starts on April 1 every year and ends on March 31 of the following year.
(Business Report and Settlement)
Article 26 With regard to the business report and settlement of this corporation, after the end of each business year, the representative director prepares the following documents, submits it to the annual regular meeting of employees, reports the contents of the first document, Documents of No. 2 and No. 3 must be approved.
(I) Business report
(Ii) Balance Sheet
(Iii) Income Statement (Net Property Increase / decrease Statement)
2 In addition to the documents reported or approved pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the articles of incorporation and employee list shall be provided at the main office and subordinate office.

Chapter 7 Change and dissolution of the articles of incorporation
(Change of Articles of Incorporation)
Article 27 The articles of incorporation may be changed by resolution of the general meeting of employees.
Article 28 This corporation shall be dissolved due to a resolution at the General Meeting of Employees or other reasons prescribed by laws and ordinances.
(Attribution of residual assets)
Article 29 The residual assets that this corporation has in the case of liquidation shall be determined by resolution of the General Meeting of Employees, by the juridical persons listed in Article 5, item 17 of the Act on the Accreditation, etc. of Public Interest Corporation and Public Interest Foundation Incorporated, or the State or Local Public Organizations .

Chapter 8 Method of Public Notice
Article 30 The public notice of this corporation shall be posted in the Official Gazette.

Chapter 9 Supplementary Provisions
(First business year)
Chapter 31 The first business year of the corporation shall be from the date of establishment of the corporation to the end of March 31,

(Officers at the time of establishment)
Article 32 The director at the time of establishment of the corporation and the representative director at the time of establishment shall be as follows.
Director at Incorporation Keiosuke Awazu, Makoto Tsuzuki, Masashi Anrakuku, Kazuaki Inoue,
Eiichiro Kojima, Akira Ikiga, Hiromi Nishiwaki, You Jeman,
Jin Yokoyama, Yoshioka Masanari
Keisuke Awazu Representative Director at Incorporation

(Address and name of employee at establishment)
Article 33 The address and name of the employee at establishment are as follows.
Awazu Keisuke         Aichi prefecture Kasugai city Chuo-dai 8 – chome 9 address 2
Tsuzuki Makoto       Nagoya City Nakagawa-ku Yagura 3 – chome 8 – 15
Masashi Anraku       Nagoya City Chikusa-ku Fukiage 1 – chome 2 – 20
Moirgrace Tsurumai Park 202
Kazuaki Inoue          15-15 Chiyoda 1 – chome, Naka – ku Nagoya – shi
Turis Tsurumai 602
Eiichiro Kojima       3 of Meihacho-cho, Nagoya-shi, Nagoya-shi
saiga Akira                Nagoya City Chitose-ku Tangshan Town 2 – chome 3 Address Shin Higashiyama Building 202
Hiromi Nishiwaki   Nagoya City 3-chome Kawamamoto cho Showa Ward 60 number 60
You Jeman                Nagoya-shi Higashi-ku White wall 4-chome 93 No.
Favorol White Wall 401
Yokoyama Jin            Aichi Prefecture Nishi-Bijikima Town Nishi-Bijikima Town Nishi-Bijikima Town 1 7 14
Masanari Yoshioka   1212 Tokugawa-machi, Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi

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