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General Aichi Inbound Association
As an expert on tourism promotion to Japan
A visitor to foreign visitors
Contribution to regional development

Invitation business of foreign visitors to Japan

1In order to promote the regional economy in Aichi Prefecture, we are conducting business to invite people in each area of ​​Aichi Prefecture to inbound (foreign travelers) coming to Japan.

Support services for foreigners

2We provide support services for foreigners, including foreign language signs, brochures, website creation, photographs, illustrations and portraits preferred by foreigners.

Employment support for foreign students

3We provide support for foreign students studying in Japan to work in Aichi Prefecture by providing information and advice for getting a job at a Japanese company.

Coordination with various organizations

4In order to properly provide various information to foreign tourists in Aichi Prefecture, we are conducting coordinated communication with organizations related to foreign tourists and acting on information dissemination.

National treasure ascending along the Kiso River Inuyama Castle

~ Castle with the oldest tower that exists in Japan ~

Aichi sake remaining in history

~ Chita Peninsula with Japan's own brewing culture ~

Aichi’s automobile industry

~ Industry cluster with Toyota Motor as the summit ~

Traditional culture and mystery and gourmet’s Minamichita

~ Regions with Japanese original scenery such as Zen meditation and mystical events ~




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