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General Aichi Inbound Association
As an expert on tourism promotion to Japan
A visitor to foreign visitors
Contribution to regional development

Invitation business of foreign visitors to Japan

1In order to promote the regional economy in Aichi Prefecture, we are conducting business to invite people in each area of ​​Aichi Prefecture to inbound (foreign travelers) coming to Japan.

Support services for foreigners

2We provide support services for foreigners, including foreign language signs, brochures, website creation, photographs, illustrations and portraits preferred by foreigners.

Employment support for foreign students

3We provide support for foreign students studying in Japan to work in Aichi Prefecture by providing information and advice for getting a job at a Japanese company.

Coordination with various organizations

4In order to properly provide various information to foreign tourists in Aichi Prefecture, we are conducting coordinated communication with organizations related to foreign tourists and acting on information dissemination.

Activity report

Covering a magic show by illusionist DAIKI

The genius of illusion magic that Aichi is proud to present to the world! We covered the magic show by DAIKI. Large-scale illusion magic shows that attract a lot of people have almost stopped since last year due to the box office restrictions imposed by COVID-19. To solve this problem, Mr. Daiki Tanaka of Magic […]

Visit Okazaki Junior High School affiliated to Aichi University of Education

The English department at Okazaki Junior High School affiliated with Aichi University of Education is conducting a project class on the theme of “How can we attract inbound tourists from overseas to Aichi? This theme is the same one that the Aichi Inbound Association has been working on for some time. We observed the students’ […]

The Rice-planting Experience in Tobishima Village

The Aichi Inbound Association offered a rice planting experience in Tobishima Village, Aichi Prefecture. The farmland that was planted during this work was planted with seedlings of a type of rice for sake called “Yume Ginga”. “Yume Ginga” is a new variety of sake rice developed jointly by the Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station and […]

Participated in tea picking for matcha.

“Hachiju-hachi-ya” is the 88th day from the beginning of spring in Japan.The date will be around May 1st every year.Tea harvested during this season is very tasty and has been valued for centuries. Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture, which has an established reputation as a producer of high quality matcha green tea, offers to experience […]

Enjoy japanese sake!

At the “Marriage of Sushi Nigiri and Japanese Sake” event held in March, foreigners were able to taste the local sake selected by the president of “Sakura Sake Shop”. People from the United States, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, and Mongolia participated in the event. It was very interesting to see the reactions of […]

National treasure ascending along the Kiso River Inuyama Castle

~ Castle with the oldest tower that exists in Japan ~

Aichi sake remaining in history

~ Chita Peninsula with Japan's own brewing culture ~

Aichi’s automobile industry

~ Industry cluster with Toyota Motor as the summit ~

Traditional culture and mystery and gourmet’s Minamichita

~ Regions with Japanese original scenery such as Zen meditation and mystical events ~




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