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We support people coming from Ukraine

Inbound business Association of Aichi Japan supports the people of Ukraine!

We, who live in Aichi, Japan, will do our best to help the Ukrainians who have been forced to evacuate their country due to the invasion of Russia!

Problem solving by force that should not be done
Under any circumstances, solving problems by force is a means that humankind should never do. We urge Russia, which is invading Ukraine by force, to stop it immediately.

Information to evacuate to Japan.

Aichi Prefecture is a region in the center of Japan, where Toyota Motor Corporation’s headquarters are located. It is a warm, scenic and historical area symbolized by Samurai culture, so it is a comfortable place for evacuees.

Information on providing flights from Poland to Japan

The Government of Japan plans to provide Ukrainian people evacuating to Japan with government-provided aircraft. This refugee aircraft is planned to fly on the route from Poland to Japan. If you are a Ukrainian refugee interested in this matter, please contact the Embassy of Japan in Poland directly and say “I would like to know about refugee flights to Japan”

Phone number 22 696 50 00
Email address

Please also refer to

「Visa Application Procedures for Those Evacuated from Ukraine」

Special status of residence

You can get a visa for a short stay of 90 days before entering Japan.
If you want to continue your stay after coming to Japan, you can change to a visa that allows you to work for a year.
In addition, the status of residence is to be renewed if the war is not over.

Providing housing in Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture provides 40 Aichi prefectural housing units for Ukrainian refugees. You can move in until March 31, 2023. All expenses such as rent are exempted.

We will provide you with the materials you need for your life

We, the members of the Inbound Association of Aichi, are ready to provide the furniture, equipment, and cooking utensils necessary for starting residence, if they are second-hand goods, free of charge.

We will help you with the conversation in Japan

 We, the members of the Inbound Association of Aichi, can interpret in Japanese and English. We provide free communication support necessary for starting life in Japan.

We will help you work in Japan

 We, the members of the Inbound Association of Aichi, specialize in employment mediation for foreigners in Japan. We will support you free of charge so that you can work as much as you want.

Dedicated email address from Ukraine

 If you have any questions or requests regarding the information contained here, please post to the dedicated email address below. However, the language is limited to English or Japanese.

Email address:

The Inbound business Association of Aichi fully supports your life in Japan!
Please come to Japan with confidence!

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Representative Director Keisuke Awazu

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