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Traditional culture and mystery and gourmet’s Minamichita

~ Regions with Japanese original scenery such as Zen meditation and mystical events ~


Region:Chita Peninsula, Shinojima, Himakajima
location:Aichi Prefecture Mihama-cho, Minamichita-cho

Minamichita is located in the south of Nagoya-shi and consists of peninsula, Shinojima, Habugajima.
Peninsula is one of the leading tourist destinations in Aichi Prefecture, with two faces of tourism and fishery. You can experience the essence of Japanese history and traditional culture such as zen meditation at the Zen temple where history was carved and atelier of modeling artist.

Shinojima is a venerable island that celebrates the God leading to Ise Shrine, where mysterious traditional events are also held, including the ancient Japanese culture. The scenic island with the ocean and the sky weaving is an old fisherman’s town with a smell of hometown, where you can see the fisherman full of humanity.
Habukajima is a popular place in Aichi prefecture where people go to eat delicious seafood dishes. It is the most popular island for tourists from Aichi Prefecture as well as residents in Aichi Prefecture because it can enjoy not only high-class puffer fish dishes but also real dishes such as sushi and octopus shabu shabu.

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